Astamed Healthcare (I) Pvt.Ltd.- Manufacturer and Exporter of Pharmaceutical Products, Pellcoat - Coated Pellets Ready to fill in sustain Release, Enteric Coated form

5 / 10 filter air supplied to the manufacturing area. Manufacturing area is divided in two parts. Manufacturing tank hang over the slab at 1st floor and filtration and transfer of liquid is done at ground floor.

Liquid Manufacturing is performed in two compartments, one of 3,000 liters and the other of 500 Liters capacity.

All manufacturing activities are activated from the control room. Liquid manufacturing is a completely closed process, having minimal operator's physical involvement in materials additions.

Transfer of material from vessel to another is through vacuum. These equipments are having on-line homogenizer.

Liquid Filling:
Liquid filling area is having independent AHU, these are circulatory type through a bank of 10 - / 5 and terminal HEPA filter of .3 to achieve class 10000. Class 10000 is comprises of air changes of 30 and particle count for viable and non-viable and DOP test, 10% fresh air is used.

Filling machine consists of four 6 head filling station & 6 head sealing station. These lines are fully automated, starting from the bottle filling to labeling of bottles.

Packing Department:
Labeling of bottle is done on automatic machine. 12' packing conveyor is equipped.

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